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Welcome to Mind Self Connection’s website for the best self help books and products! But what we should really say is welcome to the new you! Now that you’re here, you’re welcome to download our free eBook now and start the first step to self-improvement!  Self-help is a broad field.  Perhaps you are more interested in a spiritual outlook of self-help.  We have websites, reports, and newsletters specifically for people with an interest in help with marriages or relationships, dating tips for men and women.  Choose the self help topic that best fits your needs from the menu above. If you’re interested in success with health, wealth, and love then you are in the right place!

Here at Mind Self Connection, I list the best self help guides on the web today. Browse my list of the best self help books such as Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or Louise Hay affirmations in You Can Heal Your Life (click here to read the full list of the best self help books).

Some of the self-help guides offer free brain tests to help improve the subconscious similar to Alpha Mind Power. Find brain tests to determine your mindset by referring to the featured website for Mind Movies (click here).

Other self improvement books include instructions on how to be happy in life, how to be happy with yourself, or just how to be positive. Also the best self help books show you how to improve self esteem or how to improve self confidence. You would be surprised at the techniques on how to increase brain power to visualize the things you want and make them become reality. The experts help you determine your own individual development plan to improve yourself through self esteem activities. Learn positive sayings or affirmations and increase subconscious mind power through visualizations.

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